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Question About UB Program

  • What is this Partnership About?

    Through this partnership, DobreTech will offer hands-on career training in Cloud Computing and Cyber Security to trainees enrolled under the The University of Buea.

  • Is the training Online or On-Campus?

    The training is 100% instructor-led online with on-campus option where Trainees will have access to internet and physical resources to study.

  • How is the training structured?

    Trainees can apply for either Cloud Computing or Cyber Security and training for each is divided in to three (3) session, giving a flexible payment plan and sequential mastering of the career path

  • How will the training be delivered?

    Once the Trainees has applied and been enrolled into the program, they will be granted access to the Learning Management System (LMS) Portal to access study materials, online sessions (Zoom), lab  access, assignment etc..

  • How do I Apply?

    You can submit your application online via DobreTech website by clicking on [Apply] or go to the University of Buea, IT Center to fill a paper application and pay your admission fees.

  • Who can take this training?

    You should be at least 18 years old and holder of at least GCE Advanced Level Certificate or its equivalent in any field.

  • What is the duration of the training?

    6 months for the full program. The program is divided in to 3 sessions (2 Months each),  so Trainees can also opt to take just a session if having financial difficulties.

  • Do I need to have an IT background to take this training?

    No previous IT knowledge is required. But a basic understanding how to use a and its concept will be of added value.

  • Can I take this training if I am out of Cameroon?

    Yes and only delivered through the University of Buea.

  • How much is the Fess and when is it due?

    Fees for this training is 1,500,000frs CFA 

    Fees and Schedule (2 Months per Session)

    Session 1 - 400,000frs CFA

    Session 2 - 500,00frs CFA

    Session 3 - 600,000frs CFA

    Registration Fees: 10,000frs CFA

    Flexible payment scheduled 2 installment per Session.

    When applying you will have the option to select either full training or Session base.

    Full Training: At least half of the fees plus registration fee must be paid before the first day of classes. The balance needs to be paid in full at most 3 months into the training.

    Per Session Training: At least half of the fees plus registration fee must be paid before the first day of classes. The balance needs to be paid in full at most 1 months into the training.

  • Will I be awarded an Attestation or a Certificate at the end of the Training?

    Yes. At the end of the full program, The University of Buea will award an end of Course Certificate to all successful candidates.

  • How do I pay my fees?

    After submitting your application, you will get an email from DobreTech confirmation and then proceed to deposit your payment into the below bank account:

    Bank Name: Afriland First Bank

    Name: DobreTech Group (SARL)

    Account Number: 08924831001

  • What are the hardware or software requirements to take this training?

    Yes. Computer specifications for this training:

    A computer with the Windows  Operating system

    8 to 16GB GB RAM

    250 to 500 GB Disk Storage

    Second monitor (External Monitor)

     Good internet connection if you will be studying from your own location (Home).

  • When are classes scheduled and what is the duration of classes?

    Classes are organized 3 days a week.

    Do note the other free days will be allocated for students to do Labs, Assignment or Quiz.

    Days of the week shall be determined  before the start of each session

  • What time are classes organized?

    9am-11:30am. For the instructors live session.

    Note: Live sessions are all recorded and can be accessed through the LMS Portal.

    Also LAB time access shall be communicated and will be flexible for students to work.

  • Can I take this training if I am working?

    Yes. The training is highly recommended for both those beginning a career in IT or changing a career in IT and those already working. and looking forward to beginning a career in IT or changing a career in IT.

  • What are the training features available?

    5 advanced projects with real world scenarios

    Soft skills essential training included (Scrum Master)

    Advance Physical and Cloud Base Labs with Certification Books

    1:1 interview prep and career coaching with industry mentor

    End of training certificate awarded by University of Buea.

  • Who are the instructors of this program?

     DobreTech instructors are seasoned experts in the industry working with located in USA, Europe, Middle-East & Africa.

    They are certified expert and have necessary academic backing to deliver this trainings.

    They are also mentors and with their influence in big firms trainees stands a change of networking to gain real world exposure through the delivered training.

Dobre Technologies is a world class corporate training & IT Consulting firm that intends starting in Yaoundé, Cameroon, but hopes to grow big in order to compete favorably with leading corporate firms in the Africa and the globe.

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